My Thoughts on Writing

No matter who you are you have your own opinion on every topic.  The idea of being literate or illiterate can all come from who you are.  Me personally I see being literate as being the opposite of how I see illiterate people.  I think of illiterate as being repetitive and using constant fillers such as; like, um, bruh, and uh during conversations.  Being literate to me is just knowing how to converse, write, read, and comprehend the language you speak and are surrounded by.

How literate you are can also be seen in the way you write or simply the detail you use in what you write.  To me “good” writing isn’t fulfilling requirements set by an individual, rather it is being able to place your thoughts, feelings, and what research you may have done onto paper and show others your opinion.  If one is able to explain, support, and stand strong to their ideals then anything could easily be written well and consider as “good” writing.  However, with that does come some requirements.  Where as you shouldn’t only aim to fulfill what you think is the right thing to say you should also be writing to the best of your ability.  By this I mean using a strong vocabulary, having a flow to your paper, and using good grammar.  The counter however, would be “bad” writing which I don’t think is a great way to describe it.  Rather, I think writing that isn’t considered to be “great” or “good” is just structured wrong.  With small adjustments just about anything can become something of great value and worth.  A good example would be to look towards music.  If you look at lyrical music which has a message portrayed in the song you will under the “good” writing it took to make that piece.  On the other hand if you look at non lyrical and repetitive music you notice there is no true message and it’s meaningless, which would be what you consider the “bad” writing.  You don’t tend to see pointless thoughts thrown into “good” writing. You tend to see well thought out and structured ideas.  That lead to a good flow and easily read message.  You won’t find grammar errors and senselessly placed words in a well written paper. Which is one of my biggest pet peeves in when someone tries to sound smarter by placing a large word into a random place in their thought to make it seem more logical.

Grammar is important to an extent.  Once you are just texting and having a friendly conversation I can understand informal and shortened words and phrases.  Slang would then be tolerable and acceptable. However, when all you ever here and see out of someone is short slang like and ill structured writing it tends to turn your stomach. With lack of a better way to describe how it feels it’s frustrating to watch someone not try to be as good as they can be.  Grammar is such an easy thing to master and people blow the littlest aspects like an apostrophe or punctuation.  I just tend to ignore it now but everyone once in a while it gets to a point where you just have to give up and let someone know they have to do better.

Teaching as Unteaching is a very interesting article.  Summed up it seems like the article states what we have been taught for years on in is virtually useless to what we should be doing now.  Where we learned good vocabulary that we can still use often and very well the formats we mastered are useless now that we are at the next level.  The best part about reading that was realizing that now we get to implicate our own thoughts and ideas into what we write about.  The idea of inquiry and learning through an inquiry based classroom is relaxing and honestly relieving.  To be able to put down what we think and know it won’t be judge rather it will be discussed and take into consideration over a topic makes the process of learning so much more enjoyable and interesting.


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One thought on “My Thoughts on Writing”

  1. I like how you compared good writing to music because I never thought of it that way. The statement “with small adjustments just about anything can become something of great value and worth” really stood out to me too. That’s so powerful! On the subject of the five paragraph essay, you said that the formats we mastered are useless now, but do you really think we will never need them again? Do we get to just completely forget it now, or will it ever help our writing in the future?


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