There, Their, and They’re

At a young, elementary school age, we learned how to use the three different forms or there.  There would be talking about location, their is referring to possession, and they’re talking about who and what.  I can’t stand seeing people who don’t know how to use these three terms in the correct way. It is beyond simple to get the words right and put them in the right place but I feel like people are so lazy they don’t want to take the time to check if they use the right one.  Reading a paper and seeing one word used the wrong way repeatedly gets old and makes someone seem so uneducated and makes it seem like they took no time to write their own paper.  It’s ridiculous that after learning when to use each form of there people still don’t naturally use the right one when writing or talking about things.  When I see people constantly misuse these three words I truly want to send them back to the fourth grade so they can re-learn what they already should have known.  Where this makes a person seem like they lack literacy and knowledge I could be wrong on my judgement of them. This person could be literate in other ways like the ones we recently learned. Literacy applies to more than just the way you speak, write, and read.  It also can apply to your ability to fit into a situation and place.  The way you analyze the environment around you and how you make sure you know how to get through whats going on.

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One thought on “There, Their, and They’re”

  1. I understand what you are saying about how the different forms we were taught can be confusing, but these different forms could have also been a good foundation for us to begin learning how to write. I don’t think they were for me individually, but I’m sure that there are people who it helped.


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