Give or Take a Little

Taught to us all throughout high school is the idea of a five paragraph paper or essay format.  Which was easy for everyone to conform to because it was pounded into our heads from day one of english 1.  If you didn’t get the format right points would be deducted so of course everyone strived for that opening statement, three body paragraphs, and conclusion.  All the students memorized it, repeated it, and now suffer for doing exactly that.  When all you can think is “I HAVE” to have it done like that you lead yourself to a bad grade.  Especially because now writing in college the format varies and teachers just want to know what you’re truly thinking rather than you try to give a “right answer.”

With the inquiry idea though this idea of a five paragraph essay doesn’t always work.  When you begin to supplement your own thoughts into your writing, rather than quotes and ideas brought up by many other people your papers begin to either be a lot more summed up or expand.  For example in Blaze’s experiment he had a six paragraph essay and the website gave him a 25% all for formatting.  The website assumed he didn’t know the material due to the extra paragraph.  But, not all ideas can be summed up in five paragraphs, especially if you’re passionate about a topic.  For example I know a lot about diabetes because I have type one. I am also able to talk continuously about the disease because of my personal experience with it.  So, being asked to sum everything I could say about it into five essays takes away so much from what I could bring up and discuss in a paper.

However there are other situations when the exact opposite result will occur and you will have a great paper than doesn’t touch into a fifth paragraph.  You can cover all the material needed to get your point across on a topic in less than five paragraphs more often than not and when this happens what are you suppose to do?  Continue on and ramble or make up something to fulfill the format? No! Of course not but, you truly have no choice if you have no more left to say.  When it comes to certain topics there just isn’t a whole lot to say and you end up stuck searching end to end trying to find some new information that will complete your requirements.  But, at this point you have already structured your paper to sum up with the information you already found and now you have to readjust and this is when papers begin to get sloppy.  This being why inquiry and the five paragraph essay wouldn’t work together.  Adding your own thoughts more than researched and memorized information completely changes the structure and overall length a paper will end up being.  If you have to cut out or add significants amount of information an amazing essay could easily be completely ruined.

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