Literacy’s change by age

Literacy is constantly changing through the ages.  Literacy is more than just writing and reading in your english class.  It is now spread out through everyday activities like driving, video games, texting, even the way you get around certain places is like having a literacy for that area.  As you look at how literacy started with the great writers of the past and compare it to present day you see a dramatic change, but there is also a change from the literacy between our generation and our parents and grandparents.  As technology advanced the idea of how our language is used has changed.

The way people understand sayings has also changed.  Thinking about the way our grandparents talk no longer works in todays society because no one understands what the meaning of their phrases are.  So looking at it I feel like the age we are has influenced the way we will communicate with our peers around us.  The new forms of literacy we use came from the advancements in our society.  With the increase in technology and the constant use of technology we had to adjust.  As we adjusted we found it easier to have our form of literacy rather than try to continue what was once used.  Henceforth, why we understand what is abbreviated and shortened in text or what people are saying over the internet a lot faster than our parents or elders will.  We tend to keep up with what is going on in our communities a lot easier now to thanks to social media.  So all in all our literacy has made a more free flowing environment towards our peers and community of people our age.

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