Technology in School

As technology has rapidly advanced in the last decade society has been trying to adjust.  Schools have tried to incorporate the use of technology into the learning system which can be seen as good or bad.  In the last two years of high school my school had a BYOT policy, or Bring Your Own Technology.  Meaning that you could bring in a laptop or tablet to takes notes if your teacher said it was okay.  Now this worked in some classes however some teachers did not like the idea and did not allow it in their class. Now where this comes to interest me is that most of my work thus far in college has all been online. From reading online, to doing math and science, to writing our papers.  Is all of this online work better for us than learning out of a textbook and from a true hard copied source.

In first semester I realized something about trying to use technology to take notes rather than a pencil and paper.  What I realized was that I didn’t take in the information as well.  As I continued to use my computer in class I also became easily distracted.  Having an iPhone and macbook air my phone and computer pair to one another.  I can receive iMessages on my computer and text people back without even having to have my phone out, this being my first distraction.  Then I would catch myself not focusing on the lecture of the class rather I would be searching the web or on social media. This wasn’t so simple to do when we had to learn out of a book and takes notes directly off the board onto paper.

So while this new and advanced technology does have its purpose and great functions that we could use in some aspects of education does it really help us as much as we think it does?  Last semester I saw my grades drop along with my study habits as I used my computer as much as I did.  Which it is shown that students retain information better when writing it down rather than typing it onto a computer.  I believe students should be influenced and encouraged to continue to take notes on paper and still do some problems out of a textbook just to have a hard copy source of notes rather than doing everything online.

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