Discourse and Literacy

When discussing discourse we discussed two things that really caught my interest.  Like how discourse and knowing about certain aspects of the community can help you understand what’s going on and your value in that community.  While we talked someone brought up the idea of knowing what students on campus mean when they say “I’m going to the sac”,”what’s happening at the sac”  or anything similar to this.  If you don’t go here then you probably don’t know what someone is referring to.  When the sac is brought up on campus usually people are referring to the gym or the courts.  Sac, standing for student athletic center.  If you don’t know this it becomes obvious you either are never on that part of campus or don’t go here.

Then we discussed value in the community.  Not meaning what you’re worth, rather meaning what you are capable of doing in this community.  if you don’t know much throughout a certain discourse community are you going to be able to get around or help anyone?  Generally thinking no you won’t be able to help much.  However, if are constantly in that environment and know what other people are talking about and understand the literacy of that community you can easily get around and get through a day or help someone who is new to that specific discourse community.  A primary example I can think of would be if a student joined a class late because they had to wait for someone to drop that class.  That student clearly is coming in behind everyone else.  If you have been focused and a strong participant you will know what is going on and be able to help them without any struggle.

Swales reading and discussion in our class today has connected to the past discussions about understanding of literacy in many ways.  Every discourse community is different just like literacy is different in various aspects of life such as; gaming, texting, classrooms, at work, etc.  Where you are and what type of community you are in determines the way you will talk and act.  If you are out with friends you are more likely to be laid back and less worried about being proper, where as if you’re going into a job interview or at work you are more likely to portray a professional and acceptable appearance to your coworkers and clients around you.  This being the same idea as being in different discourse communities.  Discourse communities change depending on what is going on just like how literacy will change depending on where you are or what you’re doing.

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