Discourse Defeated

If someone struggles to to combine the languages and beliefs of a community then they cannot truly speak for a community.  Without the understanding of how a communities language you don’t truly know what is being discussed.  Language not being a specific language like english or spanish, rather it would be the way words are used and ideas are put into beliefs in the community.  But, if an individual doesn’t understand that aspect of the community then the beliefs will never follow to make sense in their mind.  So if this is the case you may easily speak what you think of a discourse community but not truly be apart of it.  The idea by Harris that students have trouble with the language and beliefs of a community and cannot speak authoritatively in their writing due to such troubles defeats the entire idea of having “discourse communities.” If you don’t have the true knowledge of a subject are you really able to add input to the discussion? This would be the same thing as saying you’re in a community when you don’t understand what’s going on.

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