Looking at multiple websites I keep noticing a reoccurring theme of a strong focus on participation of students in online courses.  Studies continue to look at if students are truly focused and putting all their effort into these online programs or if they are slacking back and holding back from using their true potential to do the best they can do.

-“The major research questions that guided this study are as follows:

1. What is the relationship between actual student interaction/participation and performance?

2. What is the relationship between student perception of social presence and performance?

3. What is the relationship between student perceptions of social presence and actual


4. Are there differences in student perceptions of their learning experiences and actual


5. Are there differences in student perceptions of their interaction and actual participation?”

-“By virtue of its enabling rapid, nonlinear access to multiple forms of information, hypermedia technology is considered a major advance in the development of educational tools to enhance learning”

  • seeing talk about how a learners environment across hypermedia learning can effect how they truly learn and see what they take in as a student was interesting to me because it wasn’t something I had thought about prior to seeing this article.

  • “Over the last ten years, the way in which education and training is delivered has changed considerably with the advent of new technologies.”
  • with advancements in technology we continue to see a change in the way our educational program grows and the ways in which our students are taught in and out of class.
  • “The use of entertainment technology to enhance the experience of learning activities. i.e.: Technology to enhance both the experience and the learning outcomes of being at a Museum, etc…”

As I continue to look at sights I see reoccurring themes of using games, media, and just basic online courses to further education.  To help a students grow and find easier ways to learn seems to be the overall goal but is making it too simplistic going to become a problem?

By that I mean if we take away the true challenge of having to work to find out what you need to know are we depriving students of the best learning opportunity they can get?

  • This article gave me an outlook on ways technology can be used for students to gain a better education and ways it can also hurt them these ways being;
  • Good
    • Use games to learn
    • have online courses at hand at all times
    • online homework
    • having access to information at your fingertips
    • people with disabilities can partake in online games and activities that develop than learning capabilities.


– Distractions if teachers don’t enforce limitations.

– social media

– forgetting about online work

– slacking because its not something they physically have to turn in.

-After seeing the majority of these studies I continue to wonder how okay it is to continue to integrate technology into schools. I know it is a necessary process to further the ability of students to learn and be the most intelligent individuals they can be but we also need to watch how easy we begin to make schooling for these individuals.


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