Literacy in pieces

In the article “Elements of Literacy” many topics were brought to hand.  Starting with the no child left behind law.  This law helping schools progress and give a better program so that all students can put forth there best ability in their classes.  With parental and teacher concern as to how they were suppose to educate students with all the information needed to pass the state test every year.  Teachers had concerns to how they were going to be able to teach an entire curriculum and know their students have mastered the material.  Students having adapt to standardized test or certain formats for projects and paper is what leads to failure.  It steals the creative from them and doesn’t show what they are truly capable of.  Now however, schools that aren’t performing at the highest capability are being made to add select services to help the students.  Services such as free tutoring, after school sessions, and extended study times.  If schools continue to fall under a high enough performance level the way those schools are run is completely changed.  Talks of no child left behind let to the actual elements you see in literacy, such as adaptation, power, and state of grace.

Adaption in literacy is stated to be “The common view that literacy is necessary for social and economic well being.”  Viewing literacy as something we need to succeed in life is actually a true outlook.  If you cannot understand and comprehend what someone else is discussing about a topic how will you succeed? Well the answer is you won’t.  You can question what kind of literacy but when it comes down to it you need to be able to adapt to the level of literacy of the topic at hand and the individuals discussing said topic.  Then there is the transition to power in literacy.  Which is the view that literacy leads to the advance of the surrounding environments interest.  Which still leads to many questions about what literacy has to do with the interest of community and how the changes would help. Lastly Scribner discusses literacy as a state of grace.  Being his third metaphor and meaning literacy is an ancient method to help with intellectual engagement through written word and does not directly link to economic or political processes in human lives.  People will always have questions due to use of literacy and how necessary and appropriate the need for literacy is but no matter what you’re doing you need some type of literacy to make it through a day as a human.

After the discussion in todays class my view on literacy and writing hasn’t really changed.  I see literacy as a very necessary tool in the everyday life as a person.  You have to be literate in so many different areas now a days just to understand what is going on around you.  Therefore, being able to write and understand writing is overall a very important tool.  Coming into this class I never really noticed how many forms of literacy there truly are.  For example being literate in video games, work areas, texting, and the ability to understand everything you do in different situations you are put in.  Being literate is more than just knowing how to read, write, and communicate the language you know.  It is also knowing how to use the technology around you today, how to get through a situation as professionally and smoothly as possible. Knowing what needs to be done to get the best outcome in an environment is now how I view literacy.  Todays discussion we talked about being a person in a new place.  Specifically a Japanese student who has come to America and felt out of place.  As time spent here continued the student learned to see people as individuals and not as a group.  The more you look at the single part of a topic more than the overall description of something the better you will understand it.  If you were to look at every single part of a structure rather than the structure as a whole you would know how to take it apart and rebuild it flawlessly.  Just like people if you look at every individual in a group you will see every aspect that makes up that group and makes it as strong and well fit as it is.  Same thing translates to writing.  When you view a blog, paper, or essay you should look at single ideas rather than the paper as a whole therefore giving yourself the best chance to understand every aspect the writer was aiming to get through your head.