Influences on Contribution

The aspects of genre that will most likely influence our web text contribution would be social, ideological, rhetorical, and dynamic.  I believe this will influence how my group makes our web text because we will be working together and challenging one anthers ideas.  The social aspect would come into play where people will be asked questions and have to communicate back and fourth rather than just a straight run through, read it and think about what you saw.  Ideological and dynamic seem to fall close together because we will challenge our previous thoughts as we try to combine all of them on one source.  With this comes dynamic where the website itself will be able to adapt to reader forms of technology but the information will also flow through multiple views and thoughts of many people rather than one biased opinion.

While listening to everyone discuss each aspect that could affect our contributions I begin to notice that all of the aspects of genre truly come into play.  Taking in account that all of them matter to making this web text be the best it can be.  As a group we have to keep them all in mind and make sure not to slack off or shy away from any of these ideas.