Reflective Writing

Looking at some significant events throughout this course

I feel like everything i learned throughout high school was not at all preparing me for the college level

with inquiry, thought based writing, and taking a middle ground

The way I felt during this was relieved I didn’t have a strict format but confused because I felt like everything we learned in high school was kind of like a waste of time.  We were taught to take a specific side and give reasons now with our inquiry post we have to stand at like a neutral point and discuss both sides.

I think I had the reactions of being frustrated and confused because I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I had to readjust and switch up everything I was taught to do.  I had to go deeper into thought and truly put some effort into my writing rather than throwing down information and being done with a paper.  Its changed how I write because it has shown me a new style and given me a different approach on how to format and write about a topic. Rather than just discussing one side we have to give actual information in depth about both sides and what we think about the topic too.

Free write time

After sitting in class and discussing the idea of reflective writing it helps present a new outlook.  It makes me think about what I have been through in this class.  Leads me to wonder what I have truly learned and how my style has changed.  I start to think of all the assignments I have had to do and it truly makes me think.  From high-school I basically learned a strict format and way to do everything to strict standards. However when we started writing on the first day in this class it was so much different.   We weren’t given a format or a structure or true topic. We just had to write based on our thoughts and that honestly made me mad.  I was frustrated, confused, and felt lost in the new style.  I didn’t know where to begin or what to say.  So it took me forever to start where as in high-school it would only take me 30 minutes to do an entire paper.

This new style changed how I viewed writing and gave me a chance to actually find interest in what I wanted to say.  I was able to build more off my own thoughts rather than just restating what other people said from research I had to do.  This changed it completely and not only gave me a higher interest in writing and an english class but it has helped me grow as a writer and presented me with ways to be a stronger writer.  Which lead to an overall gain of confidence as a writer when I received good feed back on a completely new idea i was use too.