The General Idea

So in my past couple post I mentioned technology in education and whether it was accepted and effective.  Well now I want to reveal a couple new ideas.  Starting with this new source  This is a source where the author is talking about an online schooling opportunity based out of Florida.  Enrolling many student across Florida and throughout the world.  However, the question presented towards this schools was about its effectiveness. Like I mentioned in my last couple post the effectiveness of using technology in education would come from more of a personal standpoint and there answer could change depending on who you tend to ask.  But why is this? Why do people accept some technology but not others? Why do we fear what we don’t understand? Does using advanced form of technology in our schools lead to advancing our society? This source left me with these questions because it brought forth a full time online schooling opportunity.  But, I don’t agree with the idea of a full time online learning program because I feel like it robs you of an experience.

Why do we as a species tend to fear what we don’t know? Well that question is why I choose this next source. on our databases at Unc Charlotte I chose to search for articles about the fear of the unknown.  Well an article about how fearing the unknown robs you of harmony came up and just from the tittle I thought it would help me answer this question.  The article speaks of many fears but all of which are fears that come from not knowing where our choices will lead.  We fear failure so we choose not to do things we may not succeed at but that choice holds us back from finding new potential in our lives.  We fear what we don’t know because it is easier to chase what we are already skilled at than practice something new.  As for education and new technology I believe we fear a change.  We don’t necessarily want to dive head first into new forms of technology because we aren’t sure if we will master it like we already have mastered what we currently use.  This lead to the idea of what technology truly is in education. Which is primarily what this article discusses. The author focusing primarily on what technology will benefit and hurt students when they attempt to use them in schools. This article talks about what is educational technology, which could be thought of as what technology is useful in learning now.  The education system can teach us so much from what we already use but the advancement of technology can lead us to learn more and become the greatest intellectual individuals we want to be.  This article presents a new idea of what to use and not to use rather than just leaving a broad idea of using all types of technology in learning.  Which helps me focus more on the topic in my hands.  Technology is a broad range of things from a pencil to a laptop all the way to a satellite.  So the specific forms of technology that could help produce a better education is helpful to know.

Currently technology is viewed as generally helpful for our society and that is undeniable.  But my last source just helps me point out technology now and future ideas. My last source is  In this article the idea of what people see now of technology and where they think technology is heading is discussed.  Clearly technology continues to advance and thats great as long as we find it useful.  However, are these quick advancements what we need in our education?  Maybe they are maybe they aren’t that can be for anyone to decide.  As technology continues to advance a stress for speed to adapt and keep up with technology is presented.  We want to be the best and that is a natural desire but that is not as easy as we want it to be.  Look at your phone and how easily you can use it.  Now give that same phone to one of your parents and let them try to figure it out.  Most likely they will be slower than you are with this technology because they did not grow up with it.  Where as our current minds as students are still growing and adapting to the constant change the older members of our generation tend to fall behind.  Just like the younger half of our generation will know more about technology to come than we will.  While education and technology can go hand and hand maybe there is a limit to what we should use.  We allow others to take the first attempt at things we are uncertain of because we don’t want to be the ones to be seen failing.  But, if we slowly walk towards new technology as a group maybe then our education program will thrive to be stronger than it ever has been.  The writer in this article tends to focus on how we view technology, if we need technology, and if we are ready for the technology to come.  Which is all something we will have to find out as the days go on. We will always adapt but is the adaption slowing us down or moving us forward is what a valuable question to look at.  Where are we heading? What is next to come? What technology do you find useful or harmful to your learning process?


A New Approach

So from the beginning of my inquiry I have been primarily focus on technology in education and whether it is good or bad.  Well now I am going to take a slightly different approach and show you my sources and the good and bad both shown.  The first source I even clicked was “”  and on this source the first thing they do is mention both sides of the topic.  They state, “The rapid and constant pace of change in technology is creating both opportunities and challenges for schools.”  This clearly stating there will be good and bad with the idea of technology in education.  Looking for a way to leave this idea with an open ended question or set of questions is what originally left me with a problem.  To be able to leave the reader with the chance to make a decision on what they think and if they wanted to comment and have a discussion about such ideas.  This website in particular gave me a quick look into both sides of my idea though.  Explaining how technology could be helpful when stating, “The opportunities include greater access to rich, multimedia content, the increasing use of online coursetaking to offer classes not otherwise available, the widespread availability of mobile computing devices that can access the Internet, the expanding role of social networking tools for learning and professional development, and the growing interest in the power of digital games for more personalized learning.”  However they quickly counter this with the mention of challenges by saying, “At the same time, the pace of change creates significant challenges for schools.”  But, this lead me to think why do both and as I continued to read my questions weren’t easily answered which lead to my next source.

My next source was “”  This site however focused more towards where technology could lead and how it benefits our educational program.  This site also asked many questions though and discussed that is there a meter that truly judges how efficient the use of our newest technology in schools is.  The site gave me a deeper outlook into how the technology could be successful and gave me a more in depth look into how people see the good in the use of technology. However, I browsed through this site faster because it truthfully focused on one side for the other so it lead me to search for a site that gave me a little more opposition while still similar to this one.

This next source I found took a much different approach. this source discussed actual problems in our education.  Problems such as cost, performance, and future debts.  Then brought up the idea that maybe one large answer isn’t the true solution rather there might be multiple smaller answers that will collaborate together to fix the current problem.  Which lead me to many questions like maybe my original question about technology being helpful or not in schools was way to broad.  If you approach technology from a historical outlook even then this article can trump you.  This left me at a loss of words and made me rethink.

The next source I choose was and I selected this one along with to discuss some noted effects technology does have in our education program.  These sources gave creative ideas to incorporate technology and showed how technology could enhance our abilities in learning.  Education before the use of higher technology was a slower and sometimes much more dull process.  Education adds games and media such as pictures and videos.  However, while technology can be such a provider for interest into learning the use of new technologies also provides students with an easy access to distracts like social media.  So from historical approach and from the opinion of whether or not technology is something we need in our education my new questions would be is it worth it? Is it worth using technology if it has the same percentage of a chance to hurt us as it does to benefit us? Should there be a limit? What technology should we use? What technology should we avoid? Just think about it.